Digital Marketing: DOOH (Digital Out Of Home)

Digital marketing has made personalized advertising outside of the home possible in ways we could only dream of in the past.

Digital marketing has made personalized advertising outside of the home possible in ways we could only dream of in the past. Digital Out of Home (DOOH) marketing is the newest platform with truly impressive statistics.


OOH (Out of Home) advertising is the traditional outdoor advertisement format of a static image displayed in public places like roadside signs and commercial spaces. DOOH essentially adds digital elements to traditional OOH marketing, delivering content to targeted demographics through digital screens, digital billboards, and television screens.

Businesses see an average of $5.97 in profit for every dollar spent on DOOH advertising. Consumers are 50% more likely to engage with a mobile ad after seeing the same ad on a DOOH first. DOOH marketing results in four times more online activity per dollar spent than TV, radio, and print. These statistics clearly show that DOOH should be a key element in the marketing plans of any small business looking to expand its market and brand recognition.

Audience-Based Advertising

Personalized advertising helps develop trust in and perception about the brand, and influences their engagement level. DOOH allows you to target your campaigns by demographics, behaviors, households, interests, and more. DOOH advertising can access more than 17 billion impressions on 250,000 screens in over a hundred types of venues in the Kansas City market alone. 

Digital marketing that is contextually targeted, meaning reaching specific consumers in places and during activities that are relevant to the campaign, is the future of advertising. If you sell sporting goods, your ads can be shown in sports entertainment facilities like batting cages and golf courses. If you make healthcare supplies, your ads can be displayed in doctors and veterinary offices, pharmacies, and gyms.

Taxi and rideshare TV, movie theaters, gas stations, liquor stores, casual restaurants, bus shelters, bars, apartment and office buildings, and even parking garages all commonly have screens that could be reaching your ideal customer.

Location-Based Digital Marketing

It is possible to automatically sync your existing geofences to deliver ads on new DOOH screens in the same target market, such as running your ad near your storefronts or other relevant locations. There are a wealth of locations where a digital ad can be displayed throughout any city. Bus stations, train stations, shopping malls, and city centers are hotspots where many consumers can watch and interact with DOOH campaigns. 

Location-based advertising can prime your audience to be receptive to your brand right where you need them to be. Location-based networking also allows you to track analytics using a mobile device. This provides valuable insights into the behavior of the consumers you are targeting and their perception of your brand in real-time.

REAL Moxie Digital Marketing Strategy

When you’re a small business owner digital advertising can seem intimidating. REAL Moxie is a full-service marketing agency dedicated to creating solutions. We are not limited to specific industries or professions, and we do not use cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions. Since the goal of digital advertising is to spread the word about your products and service, we produce customized strategies that align with your unique business goals. REAL Moxie can use our bulk buying ability to leverage the best bang for your buck incorporating DOOH advertising campaigns into your broader marketing strategy. 

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