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Social Media Management is vital in business. Consumers use social media more than ever! They interact with others on a personal level, but they also evaluate a business’ social media and make buying decisions based on what they see. Your social media is your first and possibly only impression with potential customers. 

Poor social media management could be costing you money! Lost revenue occurs when people “check you out” online and decide not to do business with you. Perhaps your website is not easy to navigate and isn’t device responsive, or your content over-communicates. Maybe your social media pages are not being kept up consistently or you lack followers/friends or your messaging is sell, sell, sell instead of inviting and engaging. Your lack of thoughtful social media management could be encouraging potential clients to choose to move on to another more “involved” business. 

Social Media Management Builds Relationships

Social Media is today’s word of mouth marketing and “real-time” customer relationship building platform. When you partner with REAL Moxie in social media management, you get REAL people doing REAL work for your business. No bots. No social spamming. No hard-sell tactics. We work with you to understand your voice and your audience’s needs, then we create daily posts designed to engage with potential customers and current followers. 

If someone comments, we engage and respond. We respect the relationship you want to build with the public and manage your social media as if we were an extension of your goals and mission. We promote your products and services in a way that causes interest.  Our social media management services provide you with a consistent social presence designed to keep your audience interested.

Social Media Management Takes REAL Moxie

You could hire someone internally to manage your social media or assign it to one of your staff in addition to their other responsibilities, but WHY? Outsourcing your social media management is way more affordable than hiring a new employee because you are only paying for the time it takes to research, create posts, and respond to comments and messages. PLUS our staff are cross-trained, so NO sick-days, NO vacations, NO staff turn-over, and NO hiring process.  

Our social media management team monitors emerging trends and are experienced researchers, bloggers, and social media professionals. They are proficient in social marketing strategies, relationship building, productive interactions, and reputation management. 

With REAL Moxie social media management, YOU have the time to manage your business.

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Social Media Management in Kansas City; Who Should You Believe?

September 27, 2023

Social media management in Kansas City is important for both direct connection with your customer base and for SEO. REAL Moxie social media management will help you to develop brand loyalty in your customers as well as get you noticed online. Although posts on various social media platforms are not a direct SEO ranking factor,…

Social Media Management Mistakes

How to Get Ignored Online

Your social media pages should represent your company (WHO you are) to the public! Consumers decide to do business with you based on many factors - your website and your social media are HUGE factors!

You social media could be losing you potential customers if:
  • Your posts SELL SELL SELL
  • Too much self-promotion 
  • Not interacting and/or responding to posts/messages
  • Talking AT your customers and not WITH them
  • Not monitoring relevant keywords, topics, or trends
  • Being inconsistent
  • Having no social media at all
Honestly, the biggest mistake would be ignoring the significance of Social Media Management.
REAL Moxie social media mangement mistakes