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There is no “works-every-time” marketing approach. It takes real moxie in today's ever-changing world to create a successful marketing strategy.  Options, advice, hacks, trends, and breakthroughs abound.  Understanding what is going to work for your marketing needs, which studies are relevant to your goals, and creating a comprehensive marketing approach is key to your growth.

True, some of the trends, hacks and breakthroughs can produce quick results. The problem is flexibility and sustainability. You must discover what works for your business, which is different from what worked for another business in some agency or marketer’s case study. Case studies are great for new ideas, but remember, your results may vary. 

Achieving your goals takes patience, tenacity (moxie), experience, and flexibility BEFORE you spend any money. Most importantly, a solid marketing approach has 4 fundamental mechanisms to get lasing results: 1) do research, 2) be first, 3) be interesting and 4) be consistent.

The REAL Moxie Marketing Approach

  • DO RESEARCH –This is the foundation of all successful marketing campaigns. When you partner with REAL Moxie you get a team of experts working on your marketing strategy. We do the research! We assess campaign platforms, review case studies, evaluate competitor’s tactics, and get to know your business so we can create a comprehensive strategy to fit your goals and budget.
  • BE FIRST – There is always something new to try, especially with digital marketing. Maybe’s it is Google newest ad format or maybe it is just a crazy marketing idea you have been thinking of for some time. People pay attention to new things - current fashion, latest car design, or a new social media platform. Putting your brand in front of consumers in a new and innovative way can be risky and rewarding.
  • BE INTERESTING – Your marketing message must be interesting and engaging! Boring is the norm, which is why so many marketing campaigns fail. Instead of saying, the same textbook information, your message should go beyond and make a statement that is different, unique, and bold. For instance, what does Tony the Tiger have to do with Corn Flakes – nothing! BUT he is interesting and memorable.
  • BE CONSISTENT - Consistency pays off in marketing – BUT consistency in marketing is more than picking a platform channel and sticking with it. Your marketing approach must be consistent to support your brand and messaging, which is where your research comes into play. You must be dedicated to daily/weekly/monthly monitoring each platform channel and adjust to gain traction.

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The Recipe for Success

Marketing Core Components

REAL Moxie has been developing marketing strategies for businesses since 2006. We’ve learned a thing or two from our successes and even more from our mistakes. The secret recipe for a successful marketing approach is – time, effort, and money.

Time – Accept that there are no quick fixes in today’s marketing, A campaign will take 3-6 months to gain attention and build credibility with consumers. 

Effort – Campaigns require research, monitoring, and adjusting to be successful. The trick is to focus your attention on the campaign’s success. 

Money – Commit and stick to a reasonable marketing budget and set attainable ROI goals. Caviar taste on a burger and fries’ budget is unrealistic.