Email Marketing

Email marketing has come a long way in the last few years. It has become one of the most profitable direct marketing channel, capable of generating a larger response rate than any other digital medium. Given its potential ROI, failing to include email marketing in your digital marketing strategy would be unwise.

Email is a staple in our daily lives. We use emails to communicate, receive information, get invited to events, schedule meetings, remind us of tasks, confirm orders, distribute files, and the list goes on. Emails are an essential part of business and the easiest way to reach your target consumer.

Email marketing campaigns are used to inform your target audience about your business, products, and services. No matter what your goal (drive sales, increase customer loyalty, direct traffic to your website, or communicate important information) the email delivers directly into a contact’s email inbox. You have a unique opportunity to generate a response, obtain data, and be more impactful than in any other digital platform.

Because the transaction is digital, you have access to data about how your campaign performed. You can see who opened the email, who clicked the links, what links were most effective, who deleted or opted out, which emails were bad/inactive, and all of the data helps you improve your future email campaigns. Unlike any other marketing call-to-action, email marketing is the most affordable way to reach a very specific group and see exactly how they respond.

The Principles of Email Marketing

Modern email marketing is based on the principles of CONSENT, SEGMENTATION, and PERSONALIZATION.

  • CONSENT – Means that the email addresses are obtained legally, and you allow people to opt in or out of receiving your emails
  • SEGMENTATION – Refers to refers to how you organize your list. You can have one massive list or break it down into segments based on income, geographic location, consumer type, etc. Making it easier personalize your messages to only those most likely to respond.
  • PERSONALIZATION – Makes the contact feel special, like you know what they need and have sent the email to help them personally. Anything from a reminder to schedule an annual check up to a special offer on travel for the recent empty-nester. Personalizing your email marketing campaigns is essential for building trusting relationships with your current and potential customers.

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Email Marketing

What Type Is Right For You?

Understanding which type of emails there are will serve you well when creating your email marketing strategy. Here are some examples of the different types to help you.

REAL Moxie email marketing digital marketing.png

Personal Emails

Sent when and as needed to promote products or services. Can target either potential or current customers.


Keeps your contacts thinking about your business by presenting news (new milestones reached, new product capabilities) and inspiring them to engage with you.

Digital Email Campaigns

Focused on sales and marketing and usually targeting potential customers (based on demographics) these campaigns run over several days/weeks.

Automated Emails

Sent only when a specific event/transaction occurs. “Your order was received”, “Thank you for signing up for our newsletter”, “Happy Anniversary”, etc.

Invitational Emails

Sent to promote sign-up/attendance to your event, webinar, podcast, watch-party, grand opening, etc.

Client Retention Emails

Sent to existing/past clients to keep them personally engaged in your business. These emails are designed to encourage loyalty.