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REAL Moxie, LLC has been in the business of outsource marketing, social media management, traditional and digital advertising, business management and consulting since 2006. We have worked with companies of various types, sizes and industries; Anything from a local individual to a larger company with locations globally.

For almost 20 years our owner, Jayana DeWolf Parent, worked in large corporations developing growth strategies and managing technical implementation plans. She was part of the massive layoffs sweeping the USA during 2006 and, without hesitation, she seized the opportunity to do what she had always wanted to do – start her own business. Her mission was clear, create a sustainable business where she could use her experience to give back.

Creating A Sustainable Business Model

2007 was a pivotal point in our history. Online shopping was on a desktop, only 6% of the US population had a Smartphone (age 13+), websites were not designed for mobile devices, and TV, radio and print marketing were the predominant “norm”. Not to forget, the subprime crisis occurred, and the US economy began to crash.

Since our mission was focused on giving back and our owner’s background was in marketing and implementing new technology, we quickly responded by researching tools/technologies to create change and growth. We reached out to businesses most effected: mortgage lenders, local mom & pop businesses, and businesses with under 20 employees. We worked with our clients to adjust internal processes, create websites, redesign/create marketing strategies, which in turn created growth for our business.

REAL Moxie, in the years since, has continued to serve the business community as a survival partner, instead of just a marketing agency. We help our clients establish themselves in an ever-changing arena and remain relevant and visible online and in their local community. We try to stay ahead of the curve so we can present the most suitable and affordable marketing options, whether that be digital, traditional, or with cross-media campaigns.

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September 27, 2023

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Sustainable Results

REAL Moxie, LLC brings more than tenacity to the table. We are qualified, experienced, and dedicated people working hard for your success. Our reputation as a strategic marketing partner depends on it!



We've been successfully creating traditional and virtual marketing campaigns that get results. Some (Social Media, Digital, ...) services weren't a "thing" when we started applying them to our solutions!


No one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions or paying for what you don't need. The solutions we design realistically achieve and grow as your marketing budget allows.


Marketing campaigns take time to build momentum. It is important to set campaign goals and then monitor, analyze, and report the results daily/weekly/monthly.