Blogging & Content Writing

Since 2013, blogging and content writing have become increasingly vital components of SEO. Google has consistently improved its algorithms to rank websites properly against end user search words. Gone are the days when content doesn’t matter, and blogging was more of a personal essay forum. Now your website content must follow certain SEO requirements and blogging is your best way to prove your relevance and visibility.

Content writing and blogging, with SEO in mind, serves to improve your website’s visibility, ranking and conversions. When potential customers type in their search words, the search engines algorithms scan the web looking for sites with content – not graphics – that match those terms. Your website becomes visible when your content writing uses keywords effectively and your blogging applies the rules of SEO that creates a “trusted source” online.

There’s Good Blogging & Content Writing – and Then There’s BETTER!

No matter how great your product or service is, without properly marketing your message, your business will fail. Now more than ever, the content on your website and how you distribute your message online is critical to your business’ bottom line. Your messaging must be engaging for your target audience AND align with search engine criteria.

Although content writing and blogging are vital components of your business’ SEO, you don’t have to be a good writer. REAL Moxie provides you with writers with the skill and expertise to handle your SEO needs. We constantly monitor emerging trends in technology and search criteria to make sure you and your business offerings are being marketed in the most effective way. We track the search words your prospects are using, incorporate those terms into your website content, generate links to your content to internal/external sources, and adjust to improve your website’s ranking and visibility.

Our expert writers do the research and work with you to consistently produce and distribute content, so your audience and search engines see you as a credible source in your industry. We take content writing and blogging off your plate so you can stay focused on what you do best.

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Benefits of TV, Radio, and Print Advertising

June 19, 2024

In the digital age you may wonder if TV, radio, and print advertising are still relevant. The answer is absolutely! TV, radio and print advertising are far from being the worst way to spread your business’ name. It’s one of the best with all the options available today! The benefits of TV, radio, and print advertising are…

REAL Moxie Improves

Your Search Engine Visibility

REAL Moxie, LLC brings more than tenacity to the table. We are qualified, experienced, and dedicated people working hard for your success. Our reputation as a strategic marketing partner depends on it!

  • Adds or improves keyword specific pages on your website
  • Tracks keywords and how they rank online
  • Monitors your competitor’s use of keywords and ranking
  • Keeps your website page content engaging for your audience and search engines
  • Generates traffic to and within your website
  • Adds proper tags and titles to your website pages and images
  • Adds links throughout the pages of your website
  • Distribute links to your blog url on your social media platforms
  • Ensures meta data is current and accurately descriptive
  • Provides monthly reports to show progress and actions taken

Blogging & Content Writing

Understanding The Difference

Content Writing

Content Writing addresses your message to the world about who you are and what you offer. Each piece of content about your business should match the platform, audience, and remain consistent with your brand.

  • Website pages
  • Newsletters
  • Emails
  • Marketing collateral
  • Flyers
  • Ad scripts
  • Call to Action and value statements

*Benefits: increases brand awareness and persuades your audience to take action


Blogging establishes you as an expert in your field, both with your audience and with search engines. It allows you to use search words and generate website traffic with content that educates or entertains.

  • Select 6-8 key search words 
  • Post blogs consistently on your website
  • Link content to other blogs and website pages
  • Post minimum of 2 blogs per month
  • Use key search words properly within content
  • Provide detailed information (300-500 words) 
  • Distribute blog post url on social platforms
  • Use tags, alt titles, meta descriptions on content and images

*Benefits: Blogging generates traffic to and within your website, search engines see traffic as relevance against keywords, website ranking increases, and you become a “source” for information in your industry.