TV & Radio Advertising

The internet did not make TV & Radio advertising obsolete! In fact, the internet has expanded the reach and effectiveness of TV & Radio advertising.

Consumers can watch and listen to programing on the go with a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.). Programing is readily available using a streaming application (Pandora, iheart, Hulu, Netflix, etc.) and there are still local channels delivering live content the “old-fashioned” way (TV/Radio stations).  All platforms can deliver TV & Radio advertising directly to the consumer.

The beautiful thing about internet-based TV & Radio advertising, something unattainable in the past with traditional ad delivery, is DATA. Obviously, if your ad’s call-to-action is “Call NOW” and your phone rings, your ad worked; however, digital advertising allows you to target a specific potential consumer base, track phone and website traffic, monitor social media engagement, and adjust in real-time to increase effectiveness. Tracking results at this level allows you to measure the success of your investment.

TV & Radio Advertising Can Be Affordable

You are not limited to spending thousands of dollars, casting a wide net, and hoping to see a return on your investment. REAL Moxie is in the business of creating cost-effective cross-media marketing solutions that get results! We pull together a team of content writers, voice and acting talent, videographers, graphic designers and use our marketing agency buying power to leverage the best strategy for your needs. We do the research and negotiate the best rates so you can remain focused on your business.

Make TV & Radio Advertising Work For You

TV & Radio advertising is a powerful way to bring your message to consumers but without careful consideration to ad buying your campaign could easily miss the mark. Purchasing ad time and letting the stations decide when to play your advertisement could be counterproductive. The key to a successful TV & Radio ad campaign is choosing advertising spaces, platforms, and times that appeal to a potentially responsive audience.

Each station or platform appeals to a different demographic. Your potential consumer has specific listening and or watching habits. Once you have set your advertising budget, REAL Moxie will create a cross-media cost-effective strategy, designed to reach your target consumer with your message when they are engaged and most likely to respond.

Your advertising investment needs to get results! Contact one of our Marketing Consultants to discuss your TV & Radio advertising options. The consultation is FREE. 

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TV & Radio Advertising

Tune In To Reach Your Audience

In TV & Radio advertising, it is important to understand your target consumer’s viewing or listening habits, what programming they prefer, and when they “tune -in”. Each station/platform knows their audience demographic (age, income, location, etc.) and programming preferences. Our job is to help you align with the right combination to achieve the maximum ROI.


Local Radio Station

Sponsor newscasts, obtain disc jockey endorsements, promote events, and tailor your messaging to a specific audience while also hitting a larger market.


Music Streaming

You can promote your products or services specifically to your audience, based on their listening habits) and include clickable links for ads on mobile devices.


Video Streaming

Your ad is shorter (7-15 second is ideal) and specific. Since it is digital, you can target your audience and track their engagement with your ad.


OTT (Over The Top)

OTT bypasses cable and broadcast television platforms. You can reach a very specific demographic, target channels, shows, or types of programming at a much lower cost, and the reporting is superior to any other platform.


Local TV Station

You can sponsor news segments, place ads during specific shows or sporting events, target viewing times, and tailor your message to your audience while hitting a larger market.