SEO Marketing Advice from REAL Kansas City Bloggers

SEO Marketing has become the buzzword in the marketing industry. Seems like business owners are getting bombarded with phone calls, text messages, and emails suggesting they need to improve their SEO, but very little information is provided on exactly what they need to be doing or what SEO means to their business. Seriously, there are so many components and factors in a solid SEO strategy that we could write over 50 articles and still not scratch the surface. So, instead, we will address the most frequently asked questions: 

  • Are blogs relevant to SEO Marketing?
  • Should I try to write my own blogs?
  • It’s 2022, is it worth spending money to hire a Kansas City blogger?
  • Does anyone even read a blog?
The quick answers are: YES. Maybe. YES. YES. 

If you are going to commit to effective SEO marketing, then you need to consider the benefits of hiring a professional Kansas City blogger.

Your Blog Is Relevant in SEO Marketing

REAL Moxie has been blogging for our clients for years (a lot of years) and we are witness to the power of blogging. As a professional team of Kansas City bloggers, we may be a little biased, but the results don’t lie. A well-written blog, distributed and promoted on your social pages and in your newsletters can and will generate website traffic. That traffic, along with properly using links and keyword phrases, will attract the ranking attention of search engines. 

Simply put, SEO is your business marketing TO search engines. They love traffic so you want to generate traffic on and to your website. A blog is the most powerful tool you can use to generate traffic consistently. 


Write Your Own Blogs or Hire a Kansas City Blogger

The truth is anyone can write a blog. The decision to write your own or hire a professional Kansas City blogger comes down to this – what is your goal and how well do you understand what is required to meet that goal? 

Blogs are not effective when they are used to broadcast company news, are difficult to read, or are posted inconsistently. Employee promotions belong on Linkedin. Readability should always outweigh regimental SEO content unless boring and unreadable is your goal. Blogging without knowing how to promote your content is counterproductive.

If you are going to commit to effective SEO marketing, then you need to consider the benefits of hiring a professional blogger. A blogger with experience will write blogs consistently, write to entertain and inform your audience, and knows the ins/outs of writing in a way that attracts the attention of search engines. 


People Will Read Your Blogs

Ten years ago, blogging became a “new” tactic for mainstream corporations as a profit-seeking platform. Before then, blogs were a reliable source of advice and information on politics, travel, cooking, and technology. 

Because your blog presents your expertise to an already captive audience, it has become a highly effective way to improve your visibility with search engines. This remains true and is why blogging is such an important component of all SEO strategies for companies large and small. Your blog will be read IF your blog is properly promoted and the writing is interesting and relevant to your target audience.


SEO Marketing Blog Tips from Real Kansas City Bloggers

For the last five years, REAL Moxie has been producing over 150 blogs a month. We do this for a wide range of clients and industries: doctors, lawyers, lawn care, therapists, boutiques, pest control, industrial suppliers, transportation, non-profits, plumbers, etc. (It is a very diverse group of clients!) We’ve learned a thing or two about effective blogging. 

Here are a few of our do’s and don’ts and advice about using blogging in your SEO plan: 


*DO – blog with the intention of building a relationship with your public

*DON’T – oversell your company or your products or your keywords

*DO – give valuable advice in a conversational trustworthy style, relate to them 

*DON’T – answer questions no one is asking (No one is searching to see if Sally was just promoted)

*DO – Create high-quality, original content

*DON’T – ignore the importance of grammar and formatting

*DO – create headings so people can skim through and catch the content they find interesting

*DON’T – be afraid to link to other websites 

*DO – promote your blog content on your social pages

SEO is constantly evolving. But traffic is king in every iteration. All of REAL Moxie’s Kansas City bloggers would be retired on a tropical island if we had a dime every time someone said “blogging is dead”, “Facebook is on its way out”, “no one reads blogs anymore” or our personal favorite, “I’ll write the blog myself”. 

Blogging gets results and is a great way for your company to educate, give advice, share personal experiences and thoughts, and advertise your brand/business. It is the most powerful tool in your SEO Marketing strategy! 

If you want more information about hiring a Kansas City blogger or on how to create a solid SEO plan for your business, contact REAL Moxie for a FREE consultation. We are always happy to answer your questions.

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