Blogging For Business: What, Why, and How

Blogging is an excellent marketing tool that can increase your visibility and strengthen your customer base when done correctly. Judicious use of keywords can make your website a resource for potential customers, increasing traffic to your website and keeping your audience informed. Thoughtful content distribution is the key to increasing brand recognition, collecting followers, and turning readers into customers.

Blogging is a marketing channel that supports the growth of your business, much like social media, direct marketing, and email. The goal of blogging is to post information that is easy to read and useful enough to potential customers to keep them coming back. It is a great way to showcase what makes you different from your competitors and how much you value your customers. Blogging gives you an opportunity to discuss and instruct on matters relevant to your industry while also increasing your visibility and customer loyalty.

Blogging is an excellent marketing tool that can increase your visibility and strengthen your customer base when done correctly.

Every SEO optimized blog you post adds an indexed page with relevant keywords to your website, which will drive traffic from search engines. By using targeted keywords in useful, informative posts, you increase your search engine ranking and bring in potential customers looking for a product or service you provide to your website. It is important to research the keywords and keyword strings your most likely customers search for, and to include one 5-7 times per optimized post. Too much repetition will hurt your ranking, as will too little.

Content distribution is the process of publishing, sharing, and promoting your blog content. Simply publishing an optimized blog to your website is a form of content distribution that will help search engine rankings some. To really increase your visibility though, you need to share your published blog via other marketing channels such as social media and direct email. Sharing each blog post on multiple social media channels is free, easy, and gets your content in front of many more eyes. Email newsletters can give your subscribing customers a preview of your content and keep them coming back.

Effective business blogging takes commitment and skill. Blogs that are infrequently updated, contain little relevant information, or have poor keyword usage will harm search engine rankings more than they help them. Learning and practicing effective techniques can be time consuming and difficult when you’re trying to run a small business. REAL Moxie understands this, and our dedicated expert bloggers are here to help. We do the research, the writing, and the distribution to help maximize your potential so you can focus on the work that makes your company great.

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