Using Social Media Management To Raise Google Rankings

Social media management is an often underestimated SEO tool.

Social media management is an often underestimated SEO tool. Lots of businesses run ads on social media, and many even have accounts, but the majority are infrequently used and lack current information. Google uses what are called social signals to determine which websites are active, which gives them higher ranking, and which are stagnant. The more that you post on your social accounts, the better your website will rank. Social Media Management from REAL Moxie can handle all of that for you, generating more traffic and increasing your rankings. 

Google has stated that social media is not a direct SEO ranking factor in their algorithm. But it can amplify the ranking factors that they do consider. Content widely shared on social media invites more people to link to it, and links are a big factor in ranking. There are a few things you should do to get the most SEO bang for your SMM buck.

Cultivate Brand Recognition

If you’re using multiple social media sites, use a consistent image across all of them to ensure brand recognition. Write a bio that is relevant to your business but interesting enough to attract attention, and include a relevant link to your website or newsletter signup page.

Think Viral

If you want your social media updates to spread like wildfire, you must optimize them for shareability. You can do this by:

  • crafting irresistible headlines
  • using noticeable images
  • asking outright for the share

Optimize Your Website

There are also things you can do on your website to encourage visitors to share your content on social media. Create high-quality, shareable content, ensuring you optimize content keywords, headlines, copy and your call to action. Be sure to include images, which are proven to boost social media engagement. Including videos in your content mix boosts your visibility even more.

Engagement Is Key

To get the maximum SEO benefits from your social media presence, you must engage with your content and amplify its success. Some ways to do that include:

  • Mention and connect with influencers in your content, and in the related social media posts, to earn links.
  • Pay attention to local marketing – share local-related content and seek out local influencers.
  • Always respond to reviews, comments, and shares.
  • Maintain a flow of content. That means posting regularly – in most cases at least once a day.

REAL Moxie Social Media Management

If you don’t have time to keep the high quality content coming, social media management services from REAL Moxie can help. Our social media account managers monitor emerging trends and are experienced researchers, bloggers, and social media professionals. They are proficient in social marketing strategies, relationship building, productive interactions, and reputation management. We get to know your business and your client’s social habits, and then work with you to develop social media management strategies to fit your business model and budget.

For more information about social media management from REAL Moxie, LLC, visit our SMM page. To request a free consultation, click here.