SEO In Kansas City: How To Choose Your Provider

Choosing the right SEO in Kansas City provider has an enormous impact on your business and your bottom line.

Choosing the right SEO in Kansas City provider has an enormous impact on your business and your bottom line. Anyone can toss up a keyword-stuffed website and call themselves an SEO expert. You should have a functional understanding of what SEO can and can’t do, and it is critical to do your homework before you sign a contract. You need an SEO partner who understands your business and your customers as well as SEO best practices.

SEO Is Not Fast Or Easy

SEO, the process of optimizing your website to drive organic traffic from search engines, is complicated and takes time. Beware of anyone who implies they have some sort of insider knowledge or magic tricks to manipulate search engine algorithms. There are no magic tricks. The only way to provide good SEO is with a thorough understanding of how search engines work, keen attention to detail, constant updates because Google changes their algorithms so frequently, and patience.

A provider who claims they can improve your ranking quickly most likely uses what is known as black hat SEO. These are techniques like cloaking, purchasing links, and keyword stuffing which violate search engines’ rules and will lead them to demote your website. A black hat provider may be able to get you to the top of the results page briefly, but eventually the bots will catch up and it could permanently ruin your ability to generate organic traffic.

Don’t Google “Best SEO in Kansas City”

If you want a company to get you to the top of Google’s search results, it makes sense to just Google “Best SEO in Kansas City” and go with the top result, right? WRONG. (let’s cap that to stand out) Generally, the SEO providers who are showing for “Best SEO” are using paid, automated bots, and/or black hat methods to achieve a top ranking. That doesn’t make them the best, it makes them top in a search but doesn’t prove they are capable of sustainable ranking results for you and your business.  

SEO is a “hot” keyword and, although some may rely on tactics to get 1st page rankings, REAL Moxie chooses to focus our efforts more on our client’s SEO than our own. First page or not, the best firms bring in new clients primarily by word of mouth. They don’t need to rank for “best SEO in Kansas City” because they have so many referrals from existing clients and colleagues.

So, before you Google it, consider asking your professional peers (not direct competitors though) for recommendations, and always look at portfolios and client testimonials/references before signing a contract. Make sure they have earned being the best and not simply paid to be listed as the best.

SEO That Works For You

Unfortunately, SEO isn’t as simple as sprinkling a few keywords around your website. The hard truth is that search algorithms are updated frequently and designed to recognize credible sources of relevant and current information. Meeting their criteria takes time and dedication that most small businesses simply don’t have available in-house. There isn’t a one size fits all formula for search engine optimization.

Beyond targeted keywords, the quality of your content is crucial. Pages must be informative and readable, and blogs covering a range of relevant topics and containing various targeted keywords should be posted regularly. Productive SEO in Kansas City takes time, skill, and consistent effort to create visibility, credibility, and growth online. For more information on SEO and content marketing services, and to schedule your FREE consultation, contact REAL Moxie, LLC today.

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