SEO Marketing Vs. Word-Of-Mouth


SEO marketing may seem overly complicated and unnecessary to companies that have been in business for decades and were serving customers long before the internet even existed. Back then, word-of-mouth marketing was the primary way in which businesses attracted new customers. Word-of-mouth refers to simply having your business recommended to others by customers as a result of providing quality products or services.

Today, however, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical tool for getting more traffic to your website and getting consumers to find your business. Which raises the question, which is better – word-of-mouth (WOM) or SEO marketing?

Which is better – word-of-mouth (WOM) or SEO marketing?

SEO Marketing Is Necessary For Success

Search engine rankings refer to how high in the list of search results a given site shows up, and search engine optimization is how it gets there. SEO should be a top priority for any company because over 80% of consumers research online before purchasing a product or service, and the top few results are usually the ones that get their business. Even with WOM recommendations, remembering company names precisely can be difficult for many people. Forgoing SEO strategy means potential customers looking for your business online may not be able to find it. 

WOM and SEO Are Not Mutually Exclusive

It is important to remember that WOM and SEO marketing are not mutually exclusive. In fact, word-of-mouth marketing can actually be digital and contribute to SEO. Social media and review sites are two perfect examples of online forums where WOM is relied on. Statistics show that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising. This means that social media WOM marketing can be hugely important for your business.

Include WOM In Your SEO Marketing Strategy

Incorporating a WOM strategy into your SEO strategy is one of the most effective ways to make an impact on potential customers and win their business. Some tips to improve your WOM/SEO strategy include:

  • Register with Google My Business. It is easy, free, and can help your SEO. Having Google My Business results gives Google easy and fast access to relevant results, so they prioritize businesses that use it. GMB also gives customers an opportunity to review your products and services, which is crucial for successful WOM advertising.
  • Use social media consistently. Google uses what are called social signals to determine which websites are active, which gives them higher ranking, and which are stagnant. The more that you post on your social accounts, the better your website will rank. Social Media Management from REAL Moxie can handle all of that for you, generating more traffic and increasing your rankings.
  • Ask for reviews and ratings. Most people aren’t inherently motivated to publish a review or rate your business, even if they loved your product/service. Try offering promotions, freebies, or discounts to those customers who do leave you a review or rating.

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