Social Media Outsourcing Advantages

Social media (SM) management from REAL Moxie puts an entire skilled staff at your disposal.

Social media (SM) management from REAL Moxie puts an entire skilled staff at your disposal. It really isn’t even optional anymore to have accounts on multiple platforms, and you must update them and interact with your followers frequently. If you don’t, you are almost certainly leaving money on the table.


Let’s look at a few statistics, courtesy of

  • 41% of small businesses depend on SM to drive revenue.
  • 74% of consumers rely on SM to inform their purchasing decisions.
  • 96% of small businesses use SM in their marketing strategy.
  • Nearly 90% of marketers said their SM marketing efforts have increased the exposure of their business, and 75% say they have increased traffic.
  • Customers who engage with a business on SM spend up to 40% more with them in the long term.
  • 47% of small business owners run marketing entirely on their own.
  • Nearly 50% of small businesses spend less than two hours per week on marketing efforts.


Social media is critical not only for direct connection with your customer base but for SEO (search engine optimization.) A strong presence with frequent interactions increases brand recognition, online visibility, and traffic to your website, which increases your rankings, in turn bringing even more traffic.


Large corporations know this and typically have a dedicated team on staff to manage their SM. Obviously, hiring an entirely new department is not accessible for most small (or even medium) organizations. But a small business means fewer customers to interact with, so your team should be able to absorb the work, right?


Well, *maybe.* Kind of. But there are a few advantages to outsourcing to a firm that you should give some serious consideration to.


Combined Experience and Multiple Skillsets

On the surface, it may seem that SM is a relatively simple marketing channel that any marketer can manage. In the early days of SM, that was probably true. But now is not then. There are intricacies of algorithms and rules that take months to train and require constant continuing education.


At REAL Moxie, our Social Media Account Managers have over 20 years of combined experience not just using SM, but successfully utilizing SM in tandem with other marketing channels to grow small businesses.


Cost Savings

To match the skills of a digital marketing firm, you would need to not only hire multiple SM and SEO experts but pay them quite well, as most do fairly well freelancing and are hesitant to give up the freedom that affords them. Outsourcing charges are paltry by comparison.


Customer Service That Doesn’t Take Days Off

According to the 2014 Parature State of Multichannel Customer Service, 2/3 of customers said they’ve cut ties with a brand due to a single bad customer service experience. 


If a customer messages your page on Friday evening, how long will it be before someone responds? If your designated SM person goes on vacation who will cover it, and do they know what they are doing?


Outsourcing to a firm means that your SM is covered 24/7, even on holidays. It also provides you with front-line customer service that will not take it personally and escalate the situation if a disgruntled customer is rude.


Social Media That Gets Results

To put it bluntly, outsourced SM consultants are more results-oriented than employees simply because payment is partially based on reach and productivity. Outsourcing almost always outperforms in-house staff at SM metrics.


A digital marketing firm also has access to and understanding of analytics tools that may not be accessible to a small business. The ability to assess the effectiveness of a campaign in real-time and adjust strategy based on that information is critical to reaching and surpassing your marketing goals.


REAL Moxie Social Media Pros

At REAL Moxie, LLC, we have account managers who are experts in SMM and ready to help your small business. 


Our account managers monitor emerging trends and are experienced researchers, bloggers, and SM professionals. They are proficient in social marketing strategies, relationship building, productive interactions, and reputation management. 


We get to know your business and your client’s social habits, and then work with you to develop SMM strategies to fit your business model and budget.


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