Social Media Marketing To Boost Sales

Social media marketing should be a priority for every business all year, but especially during the holidays.


Social media marketing should be a priority for every business all year, but especially during the holidays. Users are primed to learn about new brands, products, and services, and engage with them. Ideally, you should have started with brand awareness ads back in September/October and ramped up to convert warm leads to sales starting with Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but it isn’t too late. Now is an excellent time to run a contest or giveaway, especially if you can incorporate user-generated content, as in a photo contest featuring your product.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

A strong social media marketing plan requires consistently engaging with your target audience on social media platforms using the right methods to boost brand awareness. Branding on social media helps you to build a robust network of people who are not only eager to buy from you but loyal to your brand. A strong social media presence gives potential customers a reason to trust you as well as an easy route to recommend you to others.

Word of mouth has always been one of the strongest avenues of marketing success, and social media has increased its power exponentially by allowing consumers to broadcast their purchasing preferences to everyone in their circle at once. It allows consumers to share information and make informed buying decisions, and many rely on it to do so. Over 70% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals. This means that without consistent, engaging social media management, Kansas City businesses are missing out on sales.

Social Media Management Establishes Credibility in Kansas City

A strong social media presence not only increases brand recognition but establishes credibility. When consumers can clearly see how you value and interact with them as well as what you have to offer, it builds trust. Seeing that their friends and family have purchased your products or interacted favorably with your company goes a long way toward turning potential customers into buyers. Building and maintaining that presence is no small job, however. Effective social media management requires strategy, consistency, and skill that is often too massive an undertaking for a small business.

Simply posting information about your company and the products or services you offer isn’t enough to gain followers and sway buying decisions. Your messaging must be informative but also conversational and accessible. You need easily shareable content that your customer base identifies with, posted consistently in ways that keep it fresh and engaging. Strong social media management also requires constant monitoring, as prompt response to user comments and direct messages can have a profound effect on reviews and recommendations as well as customer loyalty.

REAL Moxie, LLC Is Your Social Media Marketing Resource In Kansas City

If your social media is not driving sales, social media management services from REAL Moxie can help. Our social media account managers monitor emerging trends and are experienced researchers, bloggers, and social media professionals. They are proficient in social marketing strategies, relationship building, productive interactions, and reputation management. We get to know your business and your client’s social habits, and then work with you to develop social media marketing strategies to fit your business model and budget.

Successful social media management requires so much work and skill that it can seem out of reach for many small businesses. That’s where REAL Moxie comes in. Our team of marketing and social media experts handles everything from market research and graphic design to daily posts and moderation, all within your budget. To schedule your free consultation, click here or call (816) 348-3769 today!