What Is SEO, And How Do You Do It Right?

Unfortunately, SEO isn’t as simple as sprinkling a few keywords around your website.

It’s no secret that SEO, or search engine optimization, is critical to success in many industries in this day and age, but exactly what it is and what you should be doing to make it work is far less widely understood. This is largely because keeping up with the complexities of and frequent changes to the algorithms that determine search engine rankings is practically a full time job in and of itself. Search engine rankings refer to how high in the list of search results a given site shows up, and search engine optimization is how it gets there. SEO should be a top priority for any company, because over 80% of consumers research online before purchasing a product or service, and the top few results are usually the ones that get their business. 

Unfortunately, SEO isn’t as simple as sprinkling a few keywords around your website. The hard truth is that search algorithms are updated frequently and designed to recognize credible sources of relevant and current information. Meeting their criteria takes time and dedication that most small businesses simply don’t have available in house. There isn’t a one size fits all formula for search engine optimization. There are some general guidelines, but it takes a customized approach to get the best results. 

Professional services such as financial planners, accountants, IT consultants, medical and healthcare practices, and real estate agents, among others, should typically target prospects based on their location. Home repair and renovation services, pet services, and restaurants need to focus on local targeting as well. If your company serves the Kansas City area, showing up on someone’s search in San Diego is unlikely to bring you any useful leads.

Online vendors, multi location businesses, and services that travel nationally have different targeting needs from those that serve a specific area. Online businesses without brick and mortar storefronts in particular live or die by SEO, and targeting the demographics most likely to be repeat customers is critical. 500 visitors to your site in a day is worthless if none of them make a purchase because they were looking for mens shoes and you only sell kids’ wear. 

Beyond targeted keywords, the quality of your content is crucial. Pages must be informative and readable, and blogs covering a range of relevant topics and containing various targeted keywords should be posted regularly. Productive SEO takes time, skill, and consistent effort to create visibility, credibility, and growth online. REAL Moxie works with you and your online tools to steadily increase visibility, broaden your online reach and ensure that people find you when they search for what you do. For more information on SEO and content marketing services, and to schedule your FREE consultation, contact REAL Moxie, LLC today.

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