Does Blogging Help Your Website’s Rankings?

Does Blogging Help Your Website’s Rankings?

We’ve all heard that blogging boosts SEO (search engine optimization), but does it really make a difference for your small business? The short answer is an emphatic “YES!” In SEO terms, “rankings” refers to a website’s position in search results on search engines like Google and Bing. High rankings put you at or near the top of the list, earning more organic clicks and bringing more traffic to your website. There is a variety of criteria that contributes to rankings, largely based on content that is relevant to the search term. A blog that uses a variety of SEO techniques gives you more opportunities to increase your rankings and drive more customers to your website.

Blogging helps your website’s rankings by providing relevant answers to potential customers’ questions via your website. Each search engine has its own proprietary algorithms that calculate rankings, and the individual factors are intellectual property that is not disclosed. The secrecy and frequent changes of those algorithms makes it difficult for small businesses to know how to optimize their content to position themselves where they’ll be seen by the most customers possible. Through years of experience and using SEO and constant industry research, however, the experts at REAL Moxie, LLC have a strong understanding of how to improve your rankings.

A continuous stream of fresh content is necessary to stay on search engines’ radar over time because they don’t want to show users outdated information. Blogging gives you an opportunity to regularly supply new content for them to index without constantly updating your website, which would be difficult and a poor marketing strategy. An optimized blog also gives endless opportunity to include more keywords, increasing the number of search terms that pull up your website. Stuffing too many keywords into one page can hurt your SEO more than it helps, and keywords not surrounded by quality content harm your rankings as well. It is critical to frequently post informative blogs targeting specific keywords in the right proportions.

Blogging allows you to connect with your audience and encourages them to stay on your website for longer, leading to more sales. Every time someone subscribes to your blog, it creates a repeat visitor, which contributes to ranking. Someone who discovers your website through a blog post specific to their interests is also more likely to share it elsewhere, organically increasing backlinks (links to your website from other sites,) which are highly valuable in SEO. Internal links also boost SEO, and blogging gives continuous ample opportunity to create those.

REAL Moxie, LLC takes all of the guesswork and headaches out of optimizing your blog for search engines by creating custom, original, SEO rich content tailored to appeal specifically to the audience you want so you can focus on what you do best: running your business. 

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