Social Media Management Kansas City: What, Why, And How

The goal of social media management Kansas City is to get your business noticed online and develop brand loyalty in your customers.

The goal of social media management Kansas City is to get your business noticed online and develop brand loyalty in your customers. Social media management, or SMM, is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A social media manager may be employed by a brand, individual, or business to reach new customers online or to improve and maintain their reputation. 

Social media plays an integral part in the business landscape. With 4.48 billion people using social media around the world, and 520 million new users in only the past year, it’s safe to say the fad has turned into a global standard. Social media management Kansas City can help you reach this huge audience and make running a social media campaign decidedly simpler.

If you run a business of any size, you likely don’t have time to manage all those social networks yourself. In fact, you likely don’t even have time to manage even one channel. Daily posting seems simple enough on the surface, but did you know that the time of day you post can drastically affect how many people see your content? And that most traffic happens outside of business hours? Do you know which types of posts get the most engagement, and which types drive the most traffic to your website?

REAL Moxie social media management Kansas City provides you with account managers who are experts at handling social media activity. From responding to customer comments to developing a strategy on how to achieve long-term marketing goals by publishing original content designed to improve your Google ranking, we handle every aspect of your social media presence. REAL Moxie social media management handles everything from setting up your business page on social platforms to understanding your brand and engaging with your customers.

Our social media account managers monitor emerging trends and are experienced researchers, bloggers, and social media professionals. They are proficient in social marketing strategies, relationship building, productive interactions, and reputation management. We get to know you and your business offering and your client’s social habits, and then work with you to develop social media management Kansas City strategies to fit your business model and budget.

Why use REAL Moxie social media management? We have been working with business owners in business and marketing solutions since 2006. We are experienced real people, and we know how to improve business flow and function and make traditional and digital marketing less confusing and more manageable. No matter what we are working on, we are getting results for you.

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