Use TV, Radio, and Print Advertising to Boost Your Efforts!

TV-Radio-and-Print-Advertising-Blog 66774625Using TV, radio, and print advertising alongside digital marketing efforts can be an effective strategy to reach a broader audience and increase brand awareness. In fact – TV, radio and print advertising has gotten better and more in depth since the internet has become so popular. These types of platforms and marketing present more viewing and listening options, which has expanded the ways businesses get their marketing message out to the public. REAL Moxie can help boost your digital marketing efforts by utilizing the expanded reach of TV, radio, and print advertising. 

While digital marketing provides targeted and measurable results, traditional channels like TV, radio, and print advertising can complement your digital efforts by reaching different segments of your target market. The retail industry has always been the top spender on advertising, but it has made significant percentage jumps in the past couple years thanks to eCommerce retailers like Amazon and internet dependent apps like Postmates. Close behind retail are the finance, tech, and pharma industries, which all invest heavily in cross media marketing. Marketing strategies that include TV, radio and print advertising are not out of reach for small companies on a budget, however. Here are some ways you can leverage these channels of advertising to boost your digital marketing efforts:
  • TV Advertising:
    • Create visually engaging and memorable commercials that convey your brand message.
    • Use call-to-action prompts, such as custom URLs or promo codes, to drive viewers to your website or landing page.
    • Consider running commercials during relevant shows or events that align with your target audience’s interests.
    • Measure the impact of your TV ads by using dedicated landing pages or tracking unique promo codes.
  • Radio Advertising:
    • Develop attention-grabbing audio ads with a clear and concise message.
    • Use catchy jingles or memorable phrases to make your brand more memorable.
    • Provide a specific call to action, such as mentioning a website or phone number, to direct listeners to your digital platforms.
    • Consider partnering with popular radio personalities or shows to increase the credibility and reach of your message.
  • Print Advertising:
    • Design visually appealing print ads that reflect your brand’s visual identity.
    • Select relevant publications that align with your target audience’s interests or demographics.
    • Include QR codes or custom URLs in your print ads to drive traffic to specific landing pages or offers.
    • Leverage print ads to promote contests, special promotions, or exclusive online content.
Integrating traditional advertising channels with your digital marketing efforts allows you to diversify your reach and engage with potential customers through multiple touchpoints. Remember to track the effectiveness of each channel using analytics, unique URLs, or promo codes to measure the impact on your digital marketing metrics. By combining traditional and digital strategies, you can create a comprehensive marketing campaign that maximizes your brand’s visibility and drives more traffic to your digital platforms.

Working with a full-service company like REAL Moxie makes cross-media TV, radio, and print marketing accessible to even the smallest mom & pop shops. Our team of content writers and videographers can create ads that appeal to your potential customers, and we leverage our marketing agency buying power to get you the most bang for your buck. We do the research and negotiate the best rates so you can remain focused on your business. The key to a successful ad campaign is choosing advertising spaces, platforms, and times that appeal to a potentially responsive audience. Digital advertising on streaming platforms allows you to target a specific potential consumer base, track phone, and website traffic, monitor social media engagement, and adjust in real-time to increase effectiveness. Tracking results at this level allows you the most accurate measure of your return on investment. Once you have set your advertising budget, REAL Moxie will create a cost-effective cross-media strategy utilizing TV, radio, and print advertising designed to reach your target consumer with your message when they are engaged and most likely to respond. This kind of research-based targeting ensures you don’t waste your precious advertising dollars.

When you are ready to create an effective marketing strategy and utilize TV, radio, and print advertising, contact REAL Moxie LLC. To learn more about your cross-media marketing options, call (816) 348-3739 or click here to schedule your FREE consultation.