Social Media Management: Set Your Business Up To Succeed

Successful social media management requires strategy.

Successful social media management requires strategy. Your business must have a recognizable brand and distinct voice online. This sets you apart from competitors and helps consumers choose you and your products or services. Managing social media effectively can be an overwhelming task when you have a business to run, but REAL Moxie is here to help.

Good social media management means consistently engaging with your target audience on social media platforms using the right methods to boost brand awareness. Branding on social media helps you to build a robust network of people who are not only eager to buy from you, but loyal to your brand. A strong social media presence gives potential customers a reason to trust you as well as an easy route to recommend you to others.

There are four pillars that form the foundation of successful social media management. The first is knowing what defines your brand and what sets it apart from competitors. The more clearly you understand your brand’s identity, the easier it will be to craft the right message. The second is understanding your target audience. Blind, cookie-cutter marketing will not serve you well on social media. You must know who your audience is and what they want and need in order to craft precise, tailored marketing. The third pillar is your content. Everything you post online contributes to shaping your brand. The final pillar is design – the visual elements you use to represent your brand online. 

Beyond the foundation of branding, you must find your company’s unique voice. Strong social media management requires frequent posts with messaging that is consistent without being boring or impersonal. If your brand were a person, what qualities would they possess? Would they word things simply or use a lot of industry jargon? Would they aim to engage your audience in a playful, entertaining way, or simply direct and informative? This unique personality will help your brand connect with its target audience as well as build better relationships.

Successful social media management requires so much work and skill that it can seem out of reach for many small businesses. That’s where REAL Moxie comes in. Our team of marketing and social media experts handle everything from market research and graphic design to daily posts and moderation, all within your budget. To schedule your free consultation, click here or call (816) 348-3769 today!