The Importance of Blogging – It Is NOT an Option!

completel-business-consulting-blogging-blog-Oct-2017Blogging isn’t just for anyone with a computer and Internet connection any more. Blogging is an important part of driving traffic to your website, and to your business. According to Marketing Specialist Kim Walsh-Phillips, a blog isn’t optional these days – it’s the core foundation of an effective direct response social media marketing strategy.  REAL Moxie, LLC will write professional blogs to attract a wider audience to your website and business.

A blog can offer value to your audience, establish your business as the foremost leader in the market, and get more leads to your business.  REAL Moxie, LLC writes blogs to do just that for your business. We, as a business ourselves, are an experienced company who has been doing this before internet marketing was even around. REAL Moxie, LLC offers many forms of social media publishing for your blog – your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus – because that let’s Google know where and how to find you. 

Blogs help keep your web presence fresh, and provide and more in-depth look into your business, and the services it provides. They can provide readers what’s new to your business, what is tried and true, and advance your presence in the social media world.

Businesses that can benefit from a business blog are likely to:

  • have a business plan that recognizes social media as a key marketing channel
  • target customers that use social media
  • recognize the value of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations on social networks
  • have dynamic products or services so they often have news to share – such as new menu items, new products, new information or regular special offers
  • develop relationships with their customers over time rather than just one-off transactions
  • have a ‘personality’ as well as a brand
  • have staff who are enthusiastic about social media.

Using a blog as a key element of an online marketing and promotion initiative gives a chance to reach new customers, and to present a new business face to existing customers. The nature of social media, where a single customer can share an experience with their own network, presents opportunities to reach many more people. Also, the dynamic nature of a blog, which is always being refreshed and updated, helps achieve higher internet search result rankings, which in turn attracts new customers. REAL Moxie, LLC incorporates all of these ideas into our blogs written for our customers.

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